Top 10 Motivational Tips for Online Business Owners

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Online businesses are tough (especially when you get started)! Hearing success stories is not enough to keep you motivated. Let’s face it; we can’t help but be a little envious when we hear about the success of others. How did they do it? Why can’t I seem to break through? Don’t worry; I had these … Read moreTop 10 Motivational Tips for Online Business Owners

How to (Legally) Spy on Your Competitors

spy on competitors

“Spying” has a bad connotation, but in business, everyone does it! When we talk about spying on your competitors, it is completely “legal” (to a certain extent). In fact, if you aren’t doing it, you’re not going to be able to compete keep up with your competitors who are doing it. In this article, we … Read moreHow to (Legally) Spy on Your Competitors

Why your Sales Funnel Sucks

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Sales funnels are awesome, but only when you know how to use. them. Here are the reasons why your Sales funnel probably sucks:   #1 Your Follow-Up is Poor or Inconsistent This is, by far, the most critical mistake. I won’t even start an ad campaign on Facebook until I know the “email follow up” … Read moreWhy your Sales Funnel Sucks

Why your Offer Sucks (Sales Funnel)


Does this sound familiar? You do a ton of work to market to your potential client. Sometimes you’re spending 2- 10 dollars per lead… You try to contact the client. You provide them value (a product, info, or service), praying that they will say yes. But then they don’t. You’re left asking yourself: How much … Read moreWhy your Offer Sucks (Sales Funnel)


With more and more people stressed out about grades, a relationship, or an overbearing boss, there is no question as to why Meditation is becoming more and more popular now. Meditation works for a lot of reasons. To better understand them, we have listed them out in this article: Counter-acts Stress Often people let their … Read more5 REASONS WHY MEDITATION WORKS