Why Facebook Rules Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Everyone knows it exists, but very few people can do it right.

Facebook Allows you to target people based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marriage Status
  • Geographic Area
  • Liked pages/Interest
  • Other demographics

Easy Split Testing and Retargeting

Split Testing

For those who don’t know, split testing allows you to find a winning image, video, or audience for your campaign.

To do this you run multiple versions of the ad and test them against each other.

It is important to remember not to change too many things at a time because it is harder to track the change in progress (which variable actually changed the outcome).

You can, for instance, test multiple age groups against one another at the same time.


You can track users on your website by simply putting a facebook pixel and creating a custom audience.

Companies use this to target people that have already shown interest in their particular product, service, or overall brand.


Other forms of Digital Marketing

Form Downsides
Google/Bing SEO, blog ads  Limited Searches per month, no guarantee they’ll click
Twitter Harder to target Based on Demo
Yelp/Groupon Attract “negative Nancies” “Deal-Hunters”
Youtube Good but limited demographic and requires good video/selling skills
Netflix/Hulu/etc Harder to get a good conversion and track progress
Linked in  Good for Business Partners and employees, not customers
Pinterest Good for brand recognition but not as much for local businesses
Instagram Can use FB to target leads on Instagram- A little harder to convert into leads. Mostly Millennials

Facebook’s Reach and Engagement

There are about 2.7 Billion Users to target!

Zephoria.com says: Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

People tend to be more real on Facebook. Many people follow or are followed by coworkers and family members that mean a lot to them.


What This Means for you

Since you are only we are only showing our ads to your ideal customer, and you are able to contact pretty much anyone who is still breathing with your offer, you are able to get much more for your money as far as ad spend. You can spend relatively very little, and get a lot in return. It is easy to see why Facebook rules and will continue to rule digital marketing.


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  1. Ah FB Ads. I’ve heard people say they’re dead and CPC/CPL is too high since so many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and competition is higher that it used to be. I disagree. Though people may be more skeptical about clicking ads now, if a business provides quality services and products and is able to convert customers into repeat buyers/clients, that ad spend is next to nothing. Great article!

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