Is Leadpages Worth it?

So you want to build a sales funnel? Everyone wants the best software but no one wants to spend thousands of dollars on the coding to get it.

Leadpages is a software that takes “drag and drop features” to a whole other level. By the end of this article, you should know if Leadpages is worth it.

What is Leadpages?

LeadPages is basically an app that provides you with attractive landing pages. So what it does here is that it gives you a template to customize and make yours, so the first thing that your customers/visitors see is a more appealing webpage.



How LeadPages Stacks Up


I must say, this app was great to test. It increased the number of customers I had drastically.

The first thing I noticed was that everything I got was customizable. I could change all the buttons, backgrounds etc. Its interface is really simple and has helpful drag-and-drop features, so you DONT need to code.

Another thing that I like about this is that I didn’t have to change anything or make a separately coded page for my mobile users. For those who don’t know coding, creating a separate Mobile version is both time-consuming and annoying. Most similar drag and drop sites” don’t support a mobile-ready versions.

The site altogether looks very clean and robust. Another thing which I like about this is the one-click sign-up. This is a very efficient way to increase your mailing list.


Leadpages Key Features


leadbox leadpages

Lengthy sign-up procedures typically lead to a lost lead/client because people are so used to scammers and having their information sold online. Leadpages makes sure to capture their information quickly so that the lead is not lost (saving money and creating potential sales).

When you use the LeadBoxes integration, a pop-up box will appear just as the user is leaving. That way he/she thinks twice before leaving your offer.

Everything is completely customizable and once you sign up, you actually get an unlimited number of leadpages.

You can send as much traffic as you want/need to the website as there are no annoying traffic limitations.


Variety of templates

I also got a ton of different templates. They have 160+ templates! So, it really doesn’t matter what business you are running, you can get Fitness related templates, as well as legal matters related templates.

There is even a template for a 404 error! Now, that’s definitely something. There are also some more informative pages like ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’.


Built-in Hosting!

Another good thing about LeadPages is that one can actually host an entire website with this. To host a website on a quality hosting site, you are looking at at least 75 dollars per year. Leadpages saves you that money.



You can also get additional features like LeadLinks, LeadDigits and LeadPages Sites. All of these are absolutely necessary to grow your audience.
There is also another wildly popular software that I tried using – LeadBox. This was, hands down, the best integration and it worked so well, I was able to get 30 new mail subscribers daily.

What made me like this app so much more is their Facebook and Instagram advertisement creator. I tried Facebook, which is the most popular social media, and it was definitely worth it. I haven’t given the Instagram advertisement creator a try but I definitely will.

Leadpages also provides online payment services, meaning that you can actually sell stuff on your website. It is very secure and hackers will have a really hard time trying to crack it.

LeadPages also have plugins for WordPress, so, if you are already running a WordPress site, then you can just try the plugin. To collect mail, you will have to use another app like Drip or MailChimp.


Advanced Funnel Testing

Another great thing which helped me was split-screen testing. I could compare two templates together to see which image or copyrighting best fit my potential clients.


Simplicity of Use


Editing for me, was super easy. I just had to double click on the TextBox and fill it with my words.

My first LeadPage was really easy to make. It was fun, and only took 15 minutes to make.

I also found out that I can add some cool widgets like a timer and clock to my page. To sell things, there is a checkout widget.




leadpages pricing

LeadPages is not without faults. The main one being their somewhat confusing packages. The standard plan ($25 per month) restricts most integration features which I talked about earlier. When you buy the standard version, most templates look and feel pretty old. The drag-and-drop feature was really nice, but for more tech literate people, like me, it felt a little limited.

The next plan is the Pro Plan, which still has some limitations, but not as much as the Standard plan. We find the pro features essential for most sales funnels. It costs $48 per month, which I still find reasonable.

The Advanced plan has all of the features of the other two and a lot of other cool integration stuff, but at 200 dollars per month, this is clearly not for the small start-ups who run on a tight budget.


Leadpages as a Company


Their Customer Care is bad. They are open for most working hours and have relatively less waiting time when you have a special request. One downside is that their Chat support is also locked in the standard pack, so you will have to upgrade into the pro to get it.

Another issue I’ve witnessed is that during some hours of the day, LeadPages takes so much time to load up (probably due to high traffic volume).

They have a strong affiliate program backing them as well as an honest team working tirelessly to improve their program and stay ahead of the competition.

Their main competitor is Clickfunnels. To be honest, ClickFunnels can do all the things LeadPages can, and a little more. But, some of the main disadvantages are the steeper price and the user-limitations for their packages. I find Leadpages to be a little more User-friendly.



Overall, I think that LeadPages is pretty nice for the casual online businessman who is trying to save money. It is simple and straightforward to use. If you don’t have time or money for coding but still want to make some great funnels this is for you. Click here to get it.

I, however, if you are more serious, I would recommend clickfunnels, as it’s software and integrations are more user-friendly for the average entrepreneur.

***See affiliate disclosure here.


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  1. I tried LeadPages and found their customer service to be prompt and thorough. I have yet to try ClickFunnels, though.

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