Upsells For Beginners

You have probably heard it said that upselling can increase your revenue from 40-100+%.

Maybe you have tried an upsell, but were unsure if your customers would be “annoyed” at your request.

Well, I will tell you,  first-hand, that Upselling can completely reform and improve your business, but you have to know how to do it properly.


What is an “Upsell”

An upsell is when you have the buyer who is already committed (in one way or another) to a product or a service… and then you offer another related product or service that serves them in some way.

This includes Upgrading and to premium or complementary add-ons.

Some people also refer to this as cross-selling.


How to Upsell- Upselling for Beginners

Upselling is not hard. All it takes are a few tweaks and a little elbow grease up front. Here are some of the things you should do……


new product1. Create a Product or Service is Related to the Client’s needs

You can’t upsell thin air. You have to have something before you can move on.

When considering ideas, think about Amazon and eBay’s “Buyers who liked this item also looked at:” widget. IT CONVERTS!

Make sure everything you use as an Upsell is relevant and profitable.

There is nothing worse than having the client in the “buying mood” and not taking advantage of the opportunity to drive an upsell.


If you don’t have time to make a whole separate product or service:

Use a “product splinter” or a “piece of a service” that you already provide. This could be a 30-minute consultation or a book that normally comes with whatever product or service you normally provide.



2. Get Comfortable Upselling

Don’t leave money on the table. Believe in what you are selling/upselling.

Is what your business sells to individuals truly valuable? Does it help people?

If so, then you have an obligation to sell whatever you are selling.

Do it frequently to get practice. The more you do it the better you’ll be at it.


clickfunnels homepage pic3. Use Advanced Software for Upsell Conversions


If you don’t have a sales funnel please don’t go out and pay an expensive web designer. Just go here to ClickfunnelsTM, and Russell Brunson’s team will walk you through, step by step how to build a high converting sales funnel in minutes.


  • Make sure you get what you want out of your client (email address, phone #, etc.
  • Take advantage of “Trust Moments” when people believe in your “cause.” Again Clickfunnels makes that super easy.
  • Add Urgency to the offer by making it “today only.” And stick to it!


4. Use Downsells too

Don’t think that because someone didn’t purchase your 297 dollar product it means that they wouldn’t be willing to buy your 47 dollar product.

Make sure you leave NO MONEY on the table. Make whatever it is a  “smaller” version/package that seems like a lot less.

But again, make sure that what you are delivering is of optimal value. Don’t halfway-do any product to make a “quick buck.”

Your goal should be to prove that you and your products and services are worth 10X more than whatever you are charging for them, and that the 297 product was a missed opportunity that they may go back and try.

email marketing5. Nurture your Email list and Social Followings

Social proof and good content in your email (not just pushing a product every day for 90 days) will allow you to ask for money whenever you need.


As all of the guru marketers say, the money is in “the list.” Build a great following and give them the best value possible.

Blog or motivational quotes and videos are great ways to boost yourself and your credibility. People will naturally see your value and when it is time to promote an offer, they will be more than willing to pay you.



What not to do with an Upsell


1. Agressive “Salesy” or “Pushy” approach

Selling multiple products in a row is OK, but you should break them up into different days, weeks, etc.

Believe me, your conversions will not decrease by waiting.


2. Timid or Unsure Upsell Approach

Some people are ashamed to sell or tell people what they are worth. Don’t let this be you.

The secret is not convincing your potential clients, the problem is convincing yourself that your product or service is great, that you priced it right, and that you have the correct sales funnel in place. After you are “on board,” the rest is history.

It is no secret, that the biggest and best companies know how to sell and do it shamelessly. They believe in their system


3. “Dead-or-alive?” Sales Approach

If you stop delivering quality content, you can kiss your leads or potential upsells goodbye. You should send, at a minimum, one email a week.

When you first start emailing your prospects you should give them something at least every other day.

Do this right and you will be surprised how powerful your business gets.




Shamelessly upsell! If your product or service is good, you’ve got an ethical obligation to sell it. Upsell all of the time.

As always, if you need help with digital marketing or need professional consultation, contact me here.

Take care,


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