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Get weekly personalized coaching and training on driving conversions via a Sales Funnel.

Learn for yourself or have someone on your team learn from the experts how to get conversions for your local business through digital marketing.

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Facebook Ad + SALES FUNNEL Takeover


Want to have people begging you for your products and services?

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S.E.O. Management


If no one can find your business through Google. You’re put at a HUGE disadvantage.

Let us dominate the oldest known online platform for you.

You won’t have to move a finger

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Why Digital Marketing?

  • In the Washington DC area (DMV), the average cost of Billboard advertising is $1,500- $8,000/per Billboard/ per month!!!
  • The worst part is you pay for all of the cars to see your advertisement but only a very small % are potential clients/customers. And an even smaller % will be able to react in time.
  • Digital Marketing and, more specifically Facebook Marketing , gives you a fighting chance for a lot less money.

Why Apt Applications Uses Sales Funnels?

There is no sense in sending someone to a website that is not optimized for conversions. With Online Sales Funnels, you get:

  • More Conversions
  • More Sales
  • Better Follow up
  • A Long Term Email List in your Market

Why Apt Applications Uses Facebook for Digital

With Facebook Marketing, You can target your market based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status

  • Geographic Area
  • Liked pages/Interest
  • Other demographics

Why you need an Expert
(In Sales Funnels and Facebook Advertising)

Facebook Marketing is a skill. It’s like Boxing. There is no “faking it till you make it in the ring.”


Freebook fb ad- marketing

Facebook is a very specialized platform with a lot of restrictions and policies meant to protect its users

… and because not everyone understands this, a lot of beginners end up getting their whole ad account shut down!

facebook vs business

If your sales funnel, ad, targeting, or follow up are not top notch, you are going to get REALLY frustrated really fast because the cheap leads that make Facebook so appealing are not going to come about.

Our company can target your qualified customer, and not just a “maybe” customer so that you’ll see real leads that convert into real SALES.

We can also walk you through how to do it yourself (through consulting).

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